Animal Cruelty

All living things have a right to live on this Earth but we, very often become totally insensitive to animal’s pain, only because they do not have a voice to raise.

With the passage of time, Man became so selfish that he started believing that this planet was made only for him. He also started using animals for scientific research. The torture and cruelty, these dumb animals have to go through is unbearable. Such cruelty, letting them suffer in pain sends a shiver through the spine.

I do not mean that all research should be stopped but if an animal is in pain, it should be stopped.

Similarly, birds and some animals, used to living in the wilds, are caged just to sell them as pets, where they are kept in surroundings alien to their natural habitat. Little do we realize that a bird iced to flying freely in the sky cannot be happy in a cage. An animal who is used to roaming around freely in its natural habitat cannot be happy living in cage or small enclosures. 

There is no doubt that a great deal of cruelty to animals is due to our mindset that animals are happy as long as they are all fed, which is not correct.

Condition of the pets that are kept in houses is also no better. They are orally at our mercy and even if ill-treated cannot say anything, neither is anyone concerned about their condition. It would not be right to say that all owners are insensitive to their pets but mostly it is noticed that their treatment depends on the moods of the owner. 

The plight of cows and stray dogs is a common sight in India. Is it not cruelty to let them roam around on the streets, and let them eat garbage dumped on the road sides, exposing them to being hit by fast moving traffic?

The big question is do the animals have a right to live well?                                      Animal Rights Activists do raise their voices but their voices are too weak to be heard.

Today we are becoming insensitive not only towards animals but also towards other human beings. 

Everything on this Earth has a well defined purpose, thus, there is a need to have strong laws for protecting the rights of animals, only then can they be saved from Man’s greed and selfishness and balance of Nature can be maintained.

It is still not too late, let us together pledge to make a difference.

Stop Animal Cruelty and Spread love.


We all have lost people in our lives only because of our ego many a times, haven’t we? But what’s the point in letting that stupid ego of yours the power to destroy all your relations? Justifying it as a human tendency won’t heal your wounds. Yes, people hurt you for n number of times and act like you are the ones hurting them. But its okay. You know the truth, so just clear it out. Only you can control your ego; if you are unable to do so, then nobody else can. There’s no point in keeping grudges against somebody just because of your ego. Keeping grudges against a person will only create frustration in your own life. This world will only be a better place to live if we stop feeding our ego and start loving people around us.



It’s very difficult to forgive people because your mind doesn’t let you to. Your mind constantly wanders at the same place where you were happy for few moments of your life. You expect people to act according to your wishes. And when they do not, you are left there hurt, sad and broken. 

At some point you will be placed in a position where you will have to forgive. It may be a small matter that will heal with time but you may also be hurt by someone to such an extent that what they have done or said will feel entirely unforgivable. 

I recently learnt that forgiveness is accepting an apology that you never received.  Forgiveness doesn’t come when an apology is given. It is a choice we make to release ourselves from the ties that unforgiveness produces. When we refuse to forgive, we are causing our lives to be put on hold. Unable to move away from the hurts of the past. Unable to reach the potential of our future. 

If there is anyone that you have to forgive – I know it is not easy – but choose to love them every day and one day you will wake up and realise that it doesn’t hurt any more.



We usually get vibes from people, either positive or negative. Trust your instincts. If you get a negative vibe from a person, don’t wait for an experience to teach you a lesson. This world seems to be simple only when you start believing yourself. 

Your best friend left you? Bang on. What’s the big deal in it? Some people only come into your life for certain period of time. They play their role in your life and then leave. You don’t need to be upset about it. When life removes negative people out of your life, don’t keep running back to them. If they are meant to be in your life, they’ll come back and if not then what’s the point in clinging on to them? 

Being around a negative person makes you a negative person too. Don’t do that with your life. We only get one life to live. Life is beautiful. Start loving people around you. Everyone deserves to be loved. And the most important thing is to love yourself. Don’t be attached to materialistic things in this world. I know, after all we are humans, how can we not be attached to materialistic things? But what if I say attach yourselves to beautiful souls? All of us have a beautiful and peaceful soul. Life isn’t that difficult if you remove the negativity out of your life. 

Spreading positivity isn’t that hard, is it?